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What is audio description?

Audio description (AD) is an additional commentary that provides description of physical action and features onstage so that blind and partially sighted audience members don’t miss out.

Why include audio description in your work?

If you want to reach and keep a bigger audience as well as setting the highest standards of equality and inclusion in the arts, consider working with a consultant to create and integrate AD or hiring a professional describer to write and provide the AD for you.

Audio description is evolving – it’s no longer a bolted-on, uncreative access tool provided by external sources to your project – new styles are being created every day.

Our experienced AD consultants are theatre professionals with the skills and knowledge to guide you in integrating AD in a natural, seamless way – there is no ‘one size fits all’ style of AD – the description that’s created will be unique and integral to the style of your individual piece.

Our professional audio describers can advise and provide all description services in traditional or more creative forms. Browse our directory to read more about their wide ranging skills and specialisms.

Forms of AD include:

– Traditional (delivered via headset)

– Integrated (embedded into the script)

– Creatively integrated / character-driven (incorporated invisibly into the script and delivered by the cast)

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